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Mediterranean Diet

Cedars Deli is committed to helping you by providing a selection of fresh, nutritious and delicious foods. We offer a wide selection of salads, shawarmas, donairs, falafels and other mediterranean favorites which are part of the Mediterranean diet. We want you to feel good about what you are putting your body.

Our menu provides quality fuel to keep your mind and body revved so you thrive in today's fast paced society. Nutrient dense foods do make a difference.

The Mediterranean diet incorporates healthy eating with an active, stress free lifestyle. Many studies have shown those living in the Mediterranean have lower incidents of heart disease and cancer. Other studies support the Mediterranean diet as being responsible for this outcome!

Habits of the Mediterranean diet include:

  • Daily servings of fruits & vegetables
  • Healthy lean proteins
  • Spices & herbs instead of salt
  • A splash of olive oil
  • A variety of healthy whole grains
  • Small amounts of healthy nuts
  • Active lifestyle
  • Spending time with loved ones

'Clean Eating' versus the Mediterranean Diet

Similarities can be seen between the Mediterranean diet and with the shift to 'Clean Eating'. These healthy lifestyles focus on eating foods that are in their natural state, along with the use of healthy fats to maintain a balanced diet. Healthy fats help the digestion cycle.

Both the Mediterranean diet and Clean Eating lifestyles promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. What has been made popular in the last few years, has been part of the Mediterranean lifestyle for centuries.

The focus isn't to remove fat or reduce calories from the diet but to make healthy choices about what nutrients you consume.

Clean Eating is a lifestyle choice that incorporates the very basis of the Mediterranean diet. In today's fast paced world, eating clean and on the run can be a challenge but we made it easy at Cedars Deli. At Cedars, we know it's possible to eat healthy without much effort or time. Eating well is easier than ever and fits every budget, so stop by and let us know it's your first visit. Come and enjoy our warm friendly atmosphere.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Eat frequently during the day every 2.5 - 3 hours up to 6 mini meals a day - stop by Cedars and have full meal or a quick snack. Try to have lean protein at each mini meal with a complex carbohydrate - enjoy our 'cornerstone' (chicken & falafel mix) plate.

Enjoy & savor your foods - Our foods are full of natural flavor, so eat slowly, enjoy and you won't overeat!

Change to Whole grains

Cedars Deli offers whole wheat pitas, couscous & bulgar whole grains in our popular salads and sandwiches.

Rethink portion size

Canadian regular sized portions are too large, so eat smaller portions! Vegetable or fruit with each mini meal with some restrictions on the fruit is a good plan.


Include a small handful of unsalted nuts for a snack daily or add to salads like we have with our couscous salad. 

Drink lots of water

You need about 1.8 Liters of water each day! Decrease your caffeine drinks and sugar loaded juices & pops too.

Reduce or eliminate processed foods from your diet! Regular exercise will reduce stress!

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